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  • OEM DaHua PFM800-4MP 4MP 5MP HD Balun | Dahua PFM800-4MP pasívny video prevodník BNC | TRANSFORMATOR WIDEO DAHUA PFM800-4MP |  Kit Conversor UTP Vídeo para HDCVI/TVI/AHD/CVBS
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  • ВИДЕОНАБЛЮДЕНИЕ HDMI UTP 60M | Передатчик HDMI to UTP Cat5e or Cat6 60M | Удлинитель HDMI по витой паре до 60m​
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  • What is a good HD Video Balun     ▲TOP
  • What is a good HD Video Balun?how to find good quality HD Video Balun Supplier?

    A good HD Video Balun is perfect for Longer HDCVI TVI AHD Video Transmission.some small suppliers only use inferior coils,not suit for 4MP 5MP HD Video Transmission,and their transmission distance is not far.

    Some others main parts to judge the HDCVI TVI AHD Balun quality:

    1.BNC Cable Part:

    Some Small HD Balun Supplier only use very low quality material,even reclaimed material for HD Video Balun Cable and Housing injection.

    2.BNC Part:

    Some small suppliers use cheap BNC for HD Balun,which might be loose in connection,and cause HD video loss.

    3.Terminal Block Part:

    Some small suppliers use cheap Terminal Block for their HD Balun,with big problem in Press.

  • How to choose China HD Video Balun Supplier     ▲TOP
  • How to choose China HD Video Balun Supplier

  • what is the advantage of using video balun for CCTV Transmission?     ▲TOP
  • Video Balun has got excellent video intereference rejection and noise filter addition, it could save 70%-80% in cableing cost(1 UTP Cable could transmit 4ch video signal).
  • aaa     ▲TOP
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  • Can Cate.6 UTP Cable be worked with Video BALUN for UTP Transmission?     ▲TOP
  • Yes, UTP Cable, Category 5 or better, can be worked with Video Balun. the UTP transmission distance would be more larger,in the meantime,it also has got highly interference immunity.
  • What kind of wire to use with UTP Video BALUN Twisted Pair Transmission products?     ▲TOP
  • Use UTP (unshielded twisted pair) CAT 5 24 AWG (or above) to have the best transmission quality performance. To use STP (shielded twisted pair) cable, since Its high-frequency roll-off will severely degrade the distance performance. It might not be suggested. Un-twisted wire is also not to be recommended, which easy have interference and range would be shorter.